Being born and raised in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania- just outside the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Mountains- allowed me to nurture my creativity and adventurousness from a young age. As I grew older it became increasingly apparent that the only town I’ve ever called home no longer had the resources I needed to grow as an artist and designer. My inherent need to create drove me to move to Savannah, Georgia and attend the Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue my passion and receive my BFA in jewelry design.

In my free time, I seize every opportunity to travel around the world. Experiencing new landscapes, cultures, and perspectives is always an instant source of inspiration. I’m also an avid dessert lover, and I can always be counted on to eat my weight in pastries in every country I go to. When I’m not out globetrotting, I enjoy urban sketching, long hikes, and trips to the beach with my dog and trusty companion, Olive.



I strive to create beautiful objects that connect and resonate with the wearer. As an extension of the body, I feel that jewelry should not only allow the wearer to express themselves through their adornment, but also have the functionality to be worn comfortably and confidently.